Rules & Regulations

Loan Terms


Categories Students (F.1 to F.6) Staff
Loan Limits 5 items (including books and multi-media materials) 25 items (including books and multi-media materials)
Renewals 1 time 2 times
Loan Periods    
Books 14 days 28 days
Audio-visual materials 14 days 28 days
Practice papers for public examinations

You cannot be taken away for F.1 to F.3 students.
7 days for F.4 to F.6 students.

Dictionaries, Periodicals and Large books

You can only use them in the library.

Overdue Fine HK$1 per item per day
Maximum Fine: HK$100
Lost Book Fine Equivalent to the list price of the item plus the replacement costs (20% of the list price of the lost item)



Loan Rules

  1. Students must produce a valid student card to check out items. The borrowers' privilege is NOT transferable.
  2. Users should return or renew the library materials on or before the due date.
  3. If there are any accompanying materials with the library materials, users should return both items to the library.
  4. Users must be responsible for paying the cost of any damage or loss of the library materials they borrowed.
  5. Computers are provided for students to use. They should take good care of the library properties.