School Fees Policy

The YHKCC aims at providing an all round international style education at the affordable fees to the students from Hong Kong and all over the world. As a school operated under the DSS scheme and receives a subvention from the Education Bureau.  The school also collects fees from parents.  The subvention and school fees received from the EDB and parents respectively are used to fund a diverse range of quality educational programmes and provide excellent facilities. 


Since the school is a non-profit making school, the fee structure is determined according to the school's needs.  Parents are consulted before making changes to existing school fees and the proposed changes are approved by the School Management Committee (SMC) and the EDB. 


Income received by the school is used to pay staff salaries, purchase teaching and learning and teaching materials, student activities, maintain school facilities, and pay for utilities and other operating expenses. Any financial surplus at the end of each academic year is reinvested into the school by upgrading facilities and equipment.


Main Features of the School Fees Policy

  • No Debenture and Capital Levy will be collected;
  • The school fee for Form 1 students will remain unchanged for 2 years (i.e. Forms 1 and 2). The school fee will be adjusted upwards by approximately 6% - 9% in Form 3 and then again in Form 5.
  • School fees for the next academic year are usually published in October of the previous school year;
  • School fees are collected by installments:

(i) Form 1 & Form 5 DSE & GCE: Ten installments from September to June; and

(ii) Form 6 DSE & GCE: Five installments from September to January.

  • School fees are collected via Direct Debit;
  • Non-local students are defined as those who require a student visa to study in Hong Kong. According to EDB policy, non-local students are not eligible for the government subsidy. Non-local students are required to pay a differential fee, which is composed of the regular school fee and an additional fee equal to the amount of government subsidy. The exact amount is subject to the EDB's announcement. Please contact the school for more information.

Other Fees

In addition to payment of school fees, students studying at the YHKCC are also expected to pay fees for a stationery package, photographs, a student card and the PTA membership fee. The total amount of the additional fees is approximately $500.  Also, during Enrichment Week in July, students need to pay between $500 and $6,000 for trips and activities, depending on the destination. There are lower cost options available during this week. 


Payment of School Fees 

1.Payment Method

Since the collection of school fees is one of the main sources of income for the school and such funds are needed to support daily operating costs, parents are expected to be responsible and ensure that school fees are paid in a timely manner. 


School fees must be paid via Direct Debit between the fifth and the tenth day of each calendar month from a designated local bank account. 


The Direct Debit Authorization Form (Direct Debit Authorization Form) must be submitted to the school at the time the student is officially registered.  The form can be downloaded from the school website (http://www.yhkcc.edu.hk/en/admission/downloadable_forms/index.php) or collected from the General Office.  


2.Late Payment of School Fees

If the school fee is not paid on time, a reminder will be issued by phone or E-mail and a letter will be written to the parents concerned.  If the school fee is overdue for more than 30 days, the school will have no choice but to consider terminating the school place and offering it to an applicant on the waiting list.  If financial support is needed, parents are strongly encouraged to contact the school as soon as possible.