Class Structure

We believe in the value of small-class teaching, especially in English, Chinese and Mathematics classes, to benefit students' learning.


Average class size


Form 1 to Form 6 About 21- 30
GCE A Level About 21 - 27


There are 6 classes in each form. English, Chinese and Mathematics classes are split into 8 to 9 sets to cater for the needs of students.


Mathematics and English

Languages offered:

  • The Chinese curriculum prepares students for either HKDSE examinations or UK's IGCSE and GCE examinations.
  • French and Spanish provides a wider exposure for students to learn a third language.


*The languages offered applied to 2020-2021 F.1 onwards. For other year groups, please contact 2988 8123 for more information.


Language Policy


Our school uses English as the medium of instruction (EMI). Our aim is to train students to be bilingual. English is the language of instruction used in all subjects, including cultural subjects (except second languages). We also offer English literature to enhance students' English proficiency and understanding of Western culture.


The school offers the following languages: English, Chinese, French and Spanish. All students study English and Chinese. Starting in Form 1, students can choose either Mainstream Chinese or Elementary Chinese (for beginners or those with no prior Knowledge of Chinese) as a second language and either French or Spanish as a third language.