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Notes to ALL Applicants and Parents:


1. General Notes

(i) The school uses English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI). Only Chinese-related subjects are taught in Chinese.


(ii) The average class sizes are shown in the table below:

Level Class Size
Form 1 to Form 4 About 24 - 29

Form 5 to Form 6


About 17 - 26


Most subjects, however, are taught in smaller groups of about 20 students because classes are divided into sets.


(iii) The school does not participate in the Government’s Form 1 or Form 4 Secondary School Place Allocation (SSPA) System. The school admits students directly. After applicants have been interviewed, confirmed places may be offered.


(iv) All new F.1 students are required to bring a MacBook for lessons.


2. Chinese Language

(i) All students are required to study Chinese from Form 1 to Form 6 as a second language. The School-based Chinese Programme caters for the needs of students with different Chinese language learning backgrounds. The aim of this programme is to help students to gradually master the Chinese language skills needed for their future lives and for higher education, as well as developing a deep appreciation of Chinese culture.


(ii) Please refer to the 'School-Based Chinese Programme Information Sheet' for more details.


3. Information about School Fees

(i) Application Fee


An Application fee of HKD$100 must be paid when applying for a place in the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College.


(ii) School Fees


The proposed annual school fees for the 2024 – 2025 school year are shown in the table below. (Please note that these fees are subject to approval by the Education Bureau.)


Form Local Students 1 Non-local Students2 Payment Terms
Form 1 HKD$58,000

Forms 1 - 3: Local Students' School Fee + $75,672

Forms 4 - 6: Local Students' School Fee + $88,888

10 installments
(from September to June)

Form 2 HKD$55,000
Form 3 HKD$57,000
Form 4 HKD$54,000
Form 5 DSE HKD$50,500
Form 6 DSE HKD$48,000 5 installments
(from September to January)
Form 5 GCE HKD$62,000 10 installments
(from September to June)
Form 6 GCE HKD$62,000 5 installments
(from September to January)


Local Students
Students holding a dependent visa are classified as 'Local Students'


Non-local Students
'Non-local Students’ are defined as those who require a student visa to study in Hong Kong. According to EDB policy, non-local students are not eligible for the government subsidy. Non-local students are required to pay a differential fee, which is composed of the regular school fee and an additional fee equal to the amount of government subsidy. (NB. The approximate amount of the differential fee shown in the table above is for the current year. The differential fees for all forms will be adjusted upwards once the EDB announces the exact amount of the subsidy.)


(iii) The school fee for Form 1 students will remain unchanged for 2 years (i.e. Forms 1 and 2). The school fee will be adjusted upwards approximately 6% - 9% in Form 3 and then again in Form 5.


(iv) Other fees


An Advance Payment of HKD$6,000 is collected every year to cover miscellaneous fees, including the Student Handbook, Life-wide Learning Camp Fee, Enrichment Week and the cost of student activities incurred during the school year. When a student graduates or withdraws from the school, the remaining amount with be refunded to parents.


The Advance Payment is collected when students register for the next school year. This payment is usually collected in June.


Please note that the part of the Advance Payment is used to cover the cost of activities during Enrichment Week in June. There are lower cost options available during this week, but it is unlikely, however, to be sufficient to cover the cost of overseas trips or activities. Students usually need to pay between HKD$500 and HKD$6,000 for trips and activities, depending on the destination.


(v) Payment Methods

School fees must be paid via Direct Debit between the fifth and the tenth day of each calendar month from the parents’ designated local bank account. A message containing the date of bank transfer will be sent to parents’ registered E-mail address at the beginning of each month.


(vi) School Fee Remission

The school is able to provide some assistance for families who may have financial difficulties. More information can be downloaded from the school website Alternatively, please contact the teacher-in-charge, Ms. Annie Cheng, on 29882032.


4. Making an Application 


A. Online Application

(i) Please complete an online application form by pasting this link into your web browser or by scanning the QR code:

NB. The YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College requires an Academic Reference and Confirmation of Chinese Language Learning Background for all applicants. This information will be compiled by the primary school and sent directly to the YHKCC.


(ii) Please prepare a softcopy of all of the following documents for the online application:

  1. Recent photo of student (H: 5cm X W: 4cm) (format: gif, jpg, png; size: 10MB; pixels: 1024 x1024)
  2. A copy of Hong Kong identity card or birth certificate / a copy of passport with a Dependent Visa or Student Visa
  3. A single file including Primary 4 and 5 report card copies
  4. A single file including max. 3 academic awards (optional)
  5. A single file including max. 3 other awards in each category such as Music, Art, Sports and Service (optional)
  6. A single file including max. 3 extra-curricular activities (optional)
  7. Enrolment Agreement
  8. If the applicant lived in other countries and studied in a primary school(s) there for any year groups in the past, please prepare a single file including all report cards which were issued by the primary school(s). (if applicable)


(a) The maximum size of each supporting document is 10MB.
(b) All files’ format is limited to gif, jpg, png, pdf, docx, doc, xls and xlsx.


(iii) Payment of the non-refundable application fee of HKD100 by Tap&Go, VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay and PPS.


(iv) Though the online application provides English and Chinese versions, kindly note that all data must be entered in English, unless specified.


B. By Hand or Post

(i) To apply for a place please complete the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Signed Enrollment Agreement

NB. The YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College requires an Academic Reference and Confirmation of Chinese Language Learning Background for Form 1 applicants. This information will be compiled by the primary school and sent directly to the YHKCC.


(ii) Enclose photocopies of all of the following documents:

  • School reports for the past two years (i.e. Primary 4 and Primary 5)
  • Applicant’s HKID card or passport (including those pages with valid entry permit and personal particulars)
  • Awards or certificates for extra-curricular activities and special achievements
  • Principal’s recommendation letter, if any
  • For non-local residents: Father’s or Mother’s passport (including those pages with valid working permit and personal particulars). Applicants must have the right of abode in Hong Kong

(iii) Payment of the non-refundable application fee of HK$100 by bank transfer. (NB. The YHKCC does not accept cash or cheques.) Please attach the bank-in slip to the applicaiton form.

  • Bank Code: 004
  • Account Number: 491-433793-002

(iv) Submit the completed application form and supporting documents by hand or post it to the General Office of the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, 2 Chung Yat Street, Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong. Please write ‘Application for Admission’ on the outside of the envelope.


5. Interview

Only shortlisted applicants will be arranged for interviews. Students applying for a place in Form 2 or above are also required to take tests in English, Chinese and Mathematics. The admission criteria and the weightings for Form 1 applicants are as follows:

  • Academic results during the last two years (weighting 35%)
  • Interview Performance (weighting 35%)
  • Conduct or other comments from previous school(s) (weighting 20%)
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities and social events, including any public examinations and awards, if any (weighting 10%)
  • Individual interview with the Principal and/or Primary School visit by the Principal

Students applying for admission to Forms 2 – 6 are required to meet the expected standard in all admission entry tests.


6. Notification of Result

The result of the application is usually released within a month after the interviews. To accept the offer a non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee must be paid. The registration fee will be offset against the of school fee for September 2024. Parents of successful Form 1 Applicants will be asked to sign an undertaking declaring that their child will not participate in the Secondary School Place Allocation System.


7. Important Information

Prior to making an application to join the school, parents of applicants are required to agree with all the terms and conditions stated in these Application Notes and the Enrollment Agreement. School places are only given to students and parents who are able to perform the following:

(i) Student must join all school activities and camps, e.g. 1 Enhancement Course (if required), pre-Form 1 Summer Bridging Course (Monday 12th to Friday 23rd August, 2023), Assemblies, Life-wide Learning Camps, Service trips, etc. (NB. Newly enrolled students will be required to take tests in English, Mathematics and Chinese / Adapted Chinese on 16th March, 2024 and, if necessary, attend a Pre-Form 1 Enhancement Course on Saturday mornings from April 2024 to June 2024.)

(ii) Students must respect and participate in Christian activities.

(iii) Students must wear the prescribed school uniform. Any modifications to the school uniform, including additions or subtractions that may draw attention to faith-based differences, are not permitted.

(iv) Parents must pay school fees via Direct Debit. The school reserves the right to deregister the student if the school fee is not paid on time and the student will be asked to withdraw.


8. Personal Data

All personal information provided will only be used for admission related purposes and will be treated in strict confidence. Documents will not be returned to applicants. The personal information of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed after one year.