Objective, Eligibility Criteria & Assessment



A. Objective

Our School Fee Remission Scheme, as operated and funded by the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (YHKCC), is intended to provide financial assistance on school fees for students with financial difficulties. Applicants should be parents/legal guardians of students registered and studying in the YHKCC.


As a Secondary School under the Direct Subsidized Scheme, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (The school) follows the guideline of the Education Bureau.

  1. At least 10% of the school’s total school fee income should be set aside to provide fee remission/scholarship for deserving students.
  2. If a DSS school charges a school fee between 2/3 (two-third) and 2 1/3 (two and one-third) of the DSS unit subsidy rate, the school should set aside 50 cents for the fee remission/scholarship scheme for every additional dollar charged over and above 2/3 (two-third) of the DSS unit subsidy rate.

Thus, the actual amount of subsidy available for applicants is subject to the availability of fund. The amount of subsidy maybe adjusted without prior notice.


B. Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be eligible for one of the following categories:

  • Category 1: SFO

Households which are eligible for Financial Assistance for Primary and Secondary Students provided by the Student Financial Office (SFO)


(For the student-applicants who are Hong Kong Residents, residing with the family of applicants, with right of abode, right to land or valid permission to remain without any condition of stay (other than the limit of stay) in Hong Kong)

  • Category 2: CSSA

Households which are currently recipients of the related Comprehensive Social Security Allowance (CSSA).

  • Category 3: Means Test

Households passing the YHKCC means test
(For students holding visitor visas, two-way exit permits, student visas or who are dependents of non-local students / student-visa / visitor-visa holders). (For special situations, please seek advice from the Fee Remission Coordinator).


All households applying for the Fee Remission Scheme, except for recipients of the CSSA, are required to apply through the SFO, which is conducted by the Hong Kong Government. Successful applicants of the SFO are also entitled to different financial support from the Hong Kong Government, including Transport Subsidy, Textbook Assistance and Internet Access Charges Subsidy, etc. Recipients of the CSSA or SFO are exempted from the means test conducted by the YHKCC.


C. Assessment

Applicants are assessed according to the following categories:

  • Category 1:

Applicants should apply for the SFO Financial Assistance directly from the SFO. All eligible applicants would receive a “Eligibility Certificate” from the SFO, showing the level of eligibility (Full grant, half grant or ineligible) under the government means test. The assistance level of YHKCC Fee Remission Scheme is determined according to the result of the government means test.

  • Category 2:

Level of assistance is determined according to the type of CSSA received by the household.

  • Category 3:

The school will use the “Adjusted Family Income” (AFI) mechanism as the means test to assess the eligibility of a family for student financial assistance and its assistance level. The formula is as as follows:


AFI = Gross annual income of the family
          Number of family members + (1)

  1. Gross annual income of the family includes the annual income of the applicant and his/her spouse; 30% of the annual income of unmarried child / children residing with the family if applicable; and contribution from relatives / friends if applicable, during the period between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024.
  2. The members of a family normally refer to the applicant, his / her spouse, unmarried child / children residing with the family and the dependent parent(s) who are supported by the applicant and / or his / her spouse.
  3. For single-parent families of 2 to 3 members, the "plus 1 factor" in the divisor of the AFI formula will be increased to 2.
  4. Additional fees subsidy will be offered to all successful applications according to the level of assitance approved. 
  5. Types of incomes earned by the family both within and outside Hong Kong that should be reported are listed below for reference. For provision of documentary proofs, please refer to Section E of the guidelines guidelines.
Items need to be reported Items need NOT to be reported
  1. Salary (including the salary of applicant, applicant's spouse and student-applicant’s unmarried sibling(s) residing with the applicant for full-time, part-time or temporary jobs, excluding Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) / Provident Fund contribution by employee)
  2. Double pay / Leave pay
  3. Allowance (including overtime work / living / housing or rent / transport / meals / education / shift allowance, etc.)
  4. Bonus / Commission / Tips
  5. Studentship 
  6. Wages in lieu of notice of dismissal
  7. Business profits and other income earned by means of self-employment, such as hawking, diving taxis / minibuses / lorries, and fees for services rendered,etc.
  8. Alimony
  9. Contribution from any person(s) not residing with applicant’s family to any of the applicants family member(s) (including money or contribution of housing / remittance(s) / contribution for mortgage repayment/ rent / water / electricity / gas or other living expenses)
  10. Interests from fixed deposits, stocks, shares and bonds, etc.
  11. Rental income of property, land, carpark, vehicle or vessel (including Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas)
  12. Monthly pension / Widow's & Children's Compensation
  1. Financial assistance from the Government, or payment from the assistance programme under the Community Care Fund ( such as Comprehensive Social Security Assistance / Old age allowance / Old age living allowance / Disability allowance / Retraining allowance / Work Incentive Transport Subsidy / Working Family Allowance etc. )
  2. Long service pay / Contract gratuity
  3. Severance pay
  4. Loans
  5. Lump sum retirement gratuity / Provident Fund
  6. Inheritance
  7. Charity donations
  8. Insurance / accident / injury indemnity
  9. MPF / Provident Fund contribution by employee (the ceiling of contribution needs not to be reported is $18,000 per year)