Donations to Fee Remission Scheme


With an increasing demand for financial assistance per annum, the level of financial support offered in the past has been much higher than the amount the school is actually required to set aside. Therefore, we have been actively seeking donations from various stakeholders, with the hope to continue providing financial assistance to underprivileged families and those who have difficulties in paying school fees to receive quality international style education in our school.

All support given to the school will directly benefit students who are receiving the financial assistance through the Fee Remission Scheme. YHKCC would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following parents for their donations to the Fee Remission Scheme. Thanks again for the collaboration in supporting students in need.


2018 - 2019


Name of Donors 
  • Mr. Au Man Woon of Bun Kee Electrical Works
  • Mr. Choi Kim Lui
  • Mrs. Sheila Chuang
  • Mr. Ho Shiu Hay, Francis
  • Ms. Julia Ong
  • The Bridge Church


2017 - 2018


Name of Donors 
  • Mr. Au Man Woon of Bun Kee Electrical Works Ltd
  • Mr. Anthony Cheng of Irish International Education Center
  • Mrs. Sheila Chuang
  • Mr. Ho Shiu Hay, Francis
  • Ms. Charmaine Lee
  • Ms. Ling Yee Long
  • Ms. Julia Ong
  • Dr. Yuk Tak Fun, BBS, JP


2016 - 2017


Name of Donors 
  • Mr. David. B. P Heron and Mrs. Wandra. Y. Heron
  • Ms. Monique Shum
  • Mr. Ronnie Tan


Scholarships Sponsorship Programme


YHKCC would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the following donors to the Scholarships Sponsorship Programme. With their support, the talents of our students in both academic and non-academic areas can be further recognized and developed. It is definitely very encouraging for students to pursue their dreams and unleash their potential. The donation would give students the sense of success for sure and the support from each and every donor helps make the progarmme a great success.




Name of Donors
  • The Bridge Church
  • Mr. Chan How Kei
  • Mr. Choi Kim-Lui, JP
  • Mr. Peter Ho
  • Mr. Benjamin Lam


Donations to Enhance Learning Experiences


YHKCC would like to thank the following parents for their continuous support and generosity in their donations to the school to enhance learning experiences for students. With your support, our students can benefit from the experiences and make it possible for the school to continue to provide quality education and learning experiences for students.




Class Class No. Name of Student     Name of Parent(s) / Donor(s)
1C 23 Wong Tsz Ching Man Yuen Lan, Fiona
1A 3 Aule Nagy Nilda Anahi Aule Andreas Tae-soo
1K 19 Quadros De Souza Gustavo Rogeqio Branco De Sonza
2Y 9 Gill Komal Kuldeep Kaur
2M 12 Kataria Yash Abhishek Abhishek Kataria
2H 7 Das Neemisha Sunirmal Kumar Das
4M 13 Magamage Risinu Kaveen Thanusha Magamage
5A 10 Coebergh Anthony Johannes Edward Coebergh


2017 - 2018


Class Class No. Name of Student Name of Parent(s) / Donor(s)
1Y 6 Chakraborty Mumpi Chakraborty Shilpi
2Y 18 Mata Jasmine Marie Rabang James Michael F. Mata
2A 25 Underhill Henry Noel Ojansivu Camilla Ojansivu Underhill and Mike Underhill
3K 20 Rajasa Raffano Invander Raissa Bobby Rajasa


2016 - 2017


Name of Donors 
Mr. Singh Amrjit


2015 - 2016


Name of Donors
  • Mr. Joshua and Ryan Ho
  • Ms. Bee Lui
  • Ms. Eugenia Ng
  • Mr. Shia Kang Cheng


2014 - 2015


Class Class No. Name of Student Name of Parent(s) / Donor(s)
1Y 24 Keitham Yip Kin Lam Wong Yin Fong
1C 26 Chan Yan Qi Engenia Ng Chi Kam
1M 22 Shia Kang Cheng Kam Shuk Man
2M 4 Fermin Matthew Bacani Deo Fermin
2K 6 Dawson Michael Riley K. Dawson
3K 18 Rajbhandari Kavita Rebecca Johnston
4Y 25 Sunitha Pratheep Arjun Pratheep Viswanathan
- - - Davis Lee Wai Cheong


Fundraising Walkathon


YHKCC would like to thank the following parents for their continuing support and generosity for the fundraising Walkathon.


For donations over HK$5,000 or more, the School will erect a commemorative plaque on the wall of the newly constructed Music Block.


Over HK$5,000


Class Class No. Name of Student  Name of Parent(s) / Donor(s)
1A 24 Vikram Ganesh Magnet Partnership Ltd
1M 1 Jasmine June Alberts Alberts PE & KM
1M 22 Zachary Villegas John Villegas
4M 24 Ton Tai On Chiu Chun Yin
6M 18 Ton Shuk Wai Chiu Chun Yin


Class Class No. Name of Student Name of Parent(s) / Donor(s)
1A 3 Jeffrey Robert Dagum Rosa Villena Dagum
1A 7 Sarina Gurung Ms. Kala
1A 8 Louk Jackson Mark Jackson
1C 17 Kavita Rajbhandari Rebecca Johnston
1H 11 Fung Mo Tin Timothy Fung Shu Kau
1H 14 Lee Kyu Suk Sung Eun Young
1K 11 Saif Deen Farveen Fathima
1Y 20 Ani Pansari Kanchi Maya Pansari
2A 15 Jasmine Kelly -
2A 17 Liu Xinyi Su Wei
2C 30 Yip Yu Hay Kadowaki Kikuko
2H 2 Anne Sophie Schulz Isabelle Dupin
2K 4 Erik Sean Terence Best Erik Hans Best
2K 14 Faisal Laiba Tanira Faisal
2K 22 Falak A. Navez Akhter Navez
2K 23 Ng Ming Nok Ng Chi Sing
2Y 4 Marcus Cheung Levan Wendy Cheung
2Y 6 Bernice Garcia Concepcion Bella M Garcia
2Y 7 Sadithi De Zilva Chandrika Mudali
2Y 24 Enrique Fong Ponce Rina Fong
4Y 32 Leung Hok Yan Adrian Leung Kai Tak
A1M 11 Lee Chun Lok Chan How Yee Halina
5A 23 Yung Yiu Kwong Chan Nui Chun