20 OCT 2021

Admission Briefing for F.1 2022-2023

The Admission Briefing was successfully held on Saturday 16th October, 2021, with about 760 parents and their children in attendance. Both the main School Hall and Trinity Hall were completely full.


Our Principal, Ms. Diana Lo, provided a comprehensive overview of the school and stressed the core values as well as the importance of home-school cooperation. More information about the academic curriculum, pastoral care system, admission procedures and extra-curricular activities was given by members of the Leadership Team. Three excellent and well-spoken student representatives, Ruvarashe Lyndah SHOKO (5A), Brady Wayne CULLINS (4M) and Rakshita SENTHIL KUMAR (3C), shared about their dynamic school lives, interesting learning experiences and remarkable achievements.


Visitors then had a chance to walk around the school on a self-guided tour and visit different classrooms including the Science laboratories, the Music Block, the Fine Arts Centre and the Fitness Centre, where they experienced a variety of exciting hands-on activities such as games and experiments. They were impressed by the spacious campus, well-equipped facilities and the diversity of the student body speaking in different languages. Some parents commented about the positive interactions and exchanges they had with the Student Ambassadors, and certainly appreciated their good manners and detailed introductions at each venue. Parents also had the opportunity to chat with the Principal as well as Leadership Team members and gain a more in-depth understanding of the school during the Q & A session in the Covered Playground.


Overall, it was a most informative and fruitful day for prospective parents and children, enabling them to find out more about what makes the YHKCC such a unique secondary school. We sincerely hope that all visitors had a pleasant and enjoyable visit.