5 DEC 2023

Phoenix Emerges Victorious at 10th China (Nanjing) Cheerleading Open

The Phoenix Cheerleading Team has achieved a remarkable victory as
Champions for the Junior Large Coed Level 3 division at the 10th China
Cheerleading Open in Nanjing, firmly establishing themselves as one of the
leading high school cheerleading teams.

Months of dedicated training, commitment and rigorous practice prepared
Phoenix for their success. With the guidance of their coaches, Feerica
Pedregosa (Team lead), Charlotte Leung (Assistant Team Lead), Herald
Pedregosa (Head Coach), Ysabelle Jose Cadano (Coach) and Sarah Wallace
(Coach), the team honed their skills, refined their techniques, and delivered
flawless performances, demonstrating their unwavering dedication.

Looking ahead, Phoenix is eager to embrace new challenges and seize
opportunities for growth. Their unwavering spirit and commitment to
excellence will undoubtedly propel them to even greater heights in the future.