28 MAY 2021

Inter-house Competitions

Spelling Bee Competition

The inter-house spelling Bee competition was held on the 11th of April. This event consisted of house representative students from Form 1 taking part in spelling words from easy to difficult levels. After an intense three rounds, Taylor house prevailed as the winners!


Dodgeball Competition

The Inter-house junior dodgeball competition took place on the 12th of April with participation from students in Form 1 to Form 3. Five players from each house went head to head in three rounds with Morrison ultimately being crowned as the Champions!


Monkey Tail Competition

The monkey tail inter-house competition was held on the 14th of April. Each house dispatched two teams of girls and boys respectively to compete and they went head to head in attempts to collect as many monkey tails as possible against their rivals.  After rounds of exciting catch and chase, both Morrison and Chamber tied as the champions!


Paper plane Flying Competition

The paper plane inter-house competition took place on the 21st of April. This was our first time doing this event where Form 1 to Form 3 students attempted to fly their paper planes as far as possible. Each participant designed and folded their own plane with the best of their skills to fly for the farthest distance. The final result came out with a win from Chamber! 


Please join us in congratulating all the winners!