3 FEB 2021

Music Performance for the Island District Youth Festival 2021

Our students’ bands, Ultraviolet and The Boardwalk, joined the Music Performance of the Island District Youth Festival 2021 to help spread positive energy and an optimistic message amid the pandemic.Their performance was videoed on 30th January, 2021 and it was a great fun day to sing together with the guests. The final video with other performances is available at


Let’s give them a round of applause for their marvelous performance! Please see the players list as follows:


Band 1 - Ultraviolet

  • SHIKHA (6Y)
  • Pearl Lam (6M)
  • Elisha Andres (6C)
  • Zoe Jantschar (6A)


Band 2 - The Boardwalk

  • Zaine Santos (5M)
  • Alexander Dayrit (5A)
  • Bayanin Riki Ishibashi (5A)
  • Yuichiro Minamikawa (5A)