25 JAN 2021

HKDSE & GCE A-Level Information Evening (F.3 & F.4)

On Friday 22nd January, parents and students attended an Information Evening via Zoom to find out more about the HKDSE, IGCSE and GCE A-level curricula. Principal, Mr. Dion Chen, introduced the two streams – the Hong Kong Stream (HKDSE) and the International Stream (IGCSE + GCE A-level) to Form 3 students and their parents. He explained the advantages of both streams and advised parents and students to assess their suitability for a particular stream. He added that both qualifications are well recognized locally and worldwide for university applications.


Form 4 students and their parents joined another session run by Mr. Andrew Higgins, Head of the International Curriculum. He explained the process to apply for GCE A-levels and the procedures for applying the change of streams in  Form 5 when necessary.


As a general guide, parents and students were given comprehensive information to provide a thorough understanding of the two curricula’s aims, content and characteristics, and their paths to university studies in both Hong Kong and overseas. They were also given the important information that 80% of the university places in Hong Kong are allocated to students who have studied the local curriculum.


Following the main presentation, parents and students had the opportunity to join different subject Zoom meetings and ask questions about the various HKDSE and GCE A-level subjects on offer. Some also met the Career and Higher Education Counsellors and received advice from them.