16 JUN 2023

Updated Draft School Calendar for 2023-2024 Uploaded

The most updated draft school calendar for 2023-2024 has been uploaded to the school website. The updates are as follows:

2nd-9th September: F.6 DSE Review Week (Special Assessment Timetable)

21st February: Make-up Day (Week B Friday Timetable)

22nd February: P-T Conference (F.1, F.5 DSE & F.6 DSE)

23rd February: Last Day of School (F.6 DSE) ; Make-up Day (Week B Wednesday Timetable)


Please note that this tentative version is for reference only. The calendar will be confirmed once it has been officially approved in June. More school events will be added to the calendar as and when they are confirmed.


Please click on the link below to access the draft school calendar 2023-2024:


Thank you for your kind attention.