8 OCT 2018

French Trip 2018

Last July 2018, a group of 7 students participated in the Joint-School French Cultural Trip. Along with two other schools, our students spent 17 days in France to experience French culture. They celebrated French National Day in Toulouse and spent a day sight-seeing in Paris. The main highlight of the trip was spending 12 days in Loches to attend the French summer programme at the St. Denis International School where some of our students even acted as translators for some activities. The students’ valuable experiences in learning the French language, exposure to life in France, and making new friends made for a worthwhile summer trip.


Another French Trip is going to be held in July 2019.  There will be an information evening with the Vice-Principal of St. Denis on 19th October at 6.30pm. More information will be provided in the upcoming  Letter to Parents next week.